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Founded in 1898, Poeton Industries Ltd. are the UK's foremost experts in surface engineering, providing a complete range of surface treatments and coatings to customers worldwide. Poeton Polska is the latest venture in Europe, with a brand new special processes facility in Aviation Valley - Rzeszow, Poland.

The industries we operate in, such as Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Medical, have made rapid developments over the past century, pushing the boundaries of what conventional materials and surface treatments can achieve. Poeton have been at the forefront of the surface treatment sector during this time, developing advanced technologies that ensure our partners’ latest boundary-pushing projects are not grounded by material surface issues.

Our proven expertise and dependable service have led us to become trusted partners to the world’s largest aerospace and defence OEMs, including Airbus, Boeing, MOOG, Safran and UTC, as well as seeing us work on some of the most prestigious engineering projects of the present day.

Aerospace & Defence

Poeton’s complete surface treatment service offers every conceivable surface treatment and coating for the Aerospace & Defence industries, and all under one roof, supported by a suite of NDT inspection techniques


In an industry which sees many parts of the supply chain under pressure, our customers can reduce costs in transport, progress administration, NDT inspection time and quality control documentation by bringing all these certified coating services under a single management, enabling Aerospace and Defence customers to place just one order for multiple surface treatments on the same component batch.

Typical treatments and services we offer include:

  • Anodising (Chromic Acid anodising, Sulphuric anodising, Tartaric Sulphuric Acid Anodising and Hard Anodising)

  • Alocrom, Alodine, Surtec,

  • Non Destructive Testing (FPI/LPI, MPI, Etch, Hardness)

  • Prime and Paint

  • Dry Film Lubricants

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Passivation (Stainless Steel)

  • Hardness testing

Oil & Gas

We offer a comprehensive coating service for the chemical and oil & gas industries, meeting the challenge provided by the very harsh and demanding environments. These include sea water corrosion problems, aggressive chemicals, galling and seizure of threads, often in titanium alloys, wear protection of seal faces and valve surfaces, and providing low friction on connectors and mandrels. We even have treatments to electrically insulate surfaces, often the most effective way to reduce galvanic corrosion, including surfaces in contact with titanium.

Typical treatments and coatings offered by Poeton for the Oil & Gas industries include:

  • Wear resistant coatings, including hard chrome, thermally sprayed coatings and electroless nickel

  • Anti-corrosion coatings, including anodic treatments for lightweight alloys of aluminium, titanium and magnesium

  • Anti-fretting coatings, e.g. splines and couplings

  • Low friction coatings for sliding situations, including drill coring

  • Coatings to resist hot corrosion and sulphur corrosion

  • Anti-galling coatings

  • Surfaces requiring electrical insulation, including titanium

Medical & Healthcare

Poeton’s range of coatings have been proven to improve the performance of medical components, assisting in the production and operation of various pharmaceutical and healthcare products. These encompass:

  • Non-stick, ultra clean surfaces

  • Resistance to abrasion by medical products or packaging materials

  • Protection from metal-to-metal sliding wear in medical machinery

  • Excellent corrosion protection

  • Reduced friction in product handling equipment

  • Medical contact compliant coatings - FDA, UFDA and CFR21

Poeton offer a unique coating service for all aspects of the medical industry, providing all the necessary quality systems, including USDA and FDA compliance, and with an unrivalled laboratory facility to underpin our highly sophisticated coating technology.


Poeton are proud to offer a wide range of engineering coatings for the automotive industry, from volume production for the mass market to the highly specialised world of competitive motorsport. We work to KANBAN, PPAP and RUNRATES production systems, and our unrivalled laboratory underpins the quality control and quality assurance procedures demanded by the industry.

  • Corrosion protection coatings, including nickel and sprayed zinc

  • Engine cylinder bore coatings, including cylinder liners, with unrivalled lubricant retention and low friction (Poeton Aptec Division)

  • Anti-fretting coatings

  • Surface treatments for lightweight alloys, providing low wear, low friction and corrosion protection

  • Thermal barrier systems

  • Anti-scuffing coatings

  • Wear resistant coatings like hard chrome and electroless nickel​

Food & Drink

Poeton offer a comprehensive coating service for the food and drinks industries, meeting the challenge provided by the demands for cleanliness and food compatibility. We produce a wide range of advanced polymer coatings for parts used on food processing and packaging equipment to provide wear resistant, non-stick, low friction and non-wetting surfaces. They are designed to keep machinery and equipment working 24/7, with the minimum of disruption, whether it's sorting, packing, filling, moulding or printing.

Typical services include:

  • Non-stick and low friction coatings, with compliance* for food contact

  • Low friction coatings for sliding situations in food machinery where liquid lubricants are not permitted

  • Anti-corrosion coatings, including anodic treatments for lightweight alloys of aluminium

  • Composite anodic treatments for lightweight alloys of aluminium, for non-stick and low friction

  • Anti-fretting coatings, e.g. splines and couplings on packaging machines

  • Wear resistant coatings - thermally sprayed coatings and electroless nickel

  • Anti-galling coatings

General Engineering