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Apticote 810 is the next generation of non-stick coatings; tougher, harder and with better release properties than conventional polymer coatings, and with a formulation that we tailor to the needs of your particular application. By combining Poeton’s thermal spraying and polymer techniques in a graded structure, from the substrate through to the working surface, Apticote 810 achieves a robust substrate bond, a tough, high load-carrying capacity coating with optimum non-stick properties.


  • Friction coefficient as  low as 0.11

  • Salt mist endurance up to 2000 hours

  • Temperature range -200 to +300oC

  • Resistant to alkaline, saline and acidic environments 

  • Up to 10x longer non-stick life than given by conventional polymer coatings

  • 5x load-carrying capacity of conventional polymer coatings

  • 5x wear and scratch resistance of conventional polymer coatings

A specially formulated graded structure – designed to meet your specific requirements.


Primary features of Apticote 810 coatings include:

  • Non-stick to a wide range of products

  • Protects the substrate from corrosion

  • Wear resistant 

  • Chemical resistant

  • High lubricity and low friction

  • High temperature capability

  • Tough, with high load-carrying capacity

  • Superb adhesion

  • USDA/FDA compliant

  • Longer product life

  • Reduced production down-time


Poeton can tailor the Apticote 810 formulation to your specific needs, using our extensive polymer coating range and our wide variety of thermally sprayed materials. Depending on your requirements – non-stick, low friction, wear resistance, corrosion protection, temperature resistance, USDA/FDA compliance, or combinations of those – Poeton can produce the right coating.


If the application demands USDA/FDA compliance, which is common, Poeton will select or design an appropriate Apticote 810 in which the polymer and undercoat comply with the regulations for contact with food or medical products.